Monday, May 24, 2010


Recently really lazy updated, sorry for that
sometimes skipped my job, for some reasons
i could just remember my friday night, sat and yesterday, so sorry
the others, to tea or to job
nothing special
my exam are still going on and i dont really okay for it
wish me good luck for this mid year terms

Friday night, i've been to Desa Park again with my D'Jacq and B'Pohlin
meet them up there, went there with Blood, La and Alex
After that to Sunway Spk, boys planned basketball,B'Pohlin went back home and D'Jacq with me sat at the playground doing nothing.
Lastly, to first round Chandran for tea and last round to WDS
2something home sweet home.
Saturday, 15th May 2010
Tea with Tomoko, Alex, Erica, Elaine, iimo and Jia Yi
< 3
3 new friends, ahaa

Sunday, 23th May 2010
Work as promoter at Leisure Mall along with D'Jacq, Eric, Kein, Alex Yeow and Leong
woke up pretty early and went to work
stand for 7 hours under the hot sun, it is not easy
Lunch payed by Kein, my boss
finally only get a sale for a day (=
but it is not bad for first day actually, gosh
6something, home sweet home, fetched by Alex Yeow =P
Anyway, two job for me nowadays
Long time doesnt hang out, really miss the shopping feeling
D'Jacq, birthday on this thursday
planning for her bday celebration
This weekend plan to have Bbq, gathering i think so.
along with Xiong and Kelvin Ong
So guys, waiting for my next post
It will be more interesting < 3

Sunday, March 28, 2010


HEY GUYS, i've changed my blog
please relink

Monday, March 22, 2010

Change or remain ?

Feel wanna change my blog, 
Guys, do you agree ?
Yes, im not happy for these few days or weeks
I couldnt accept the things that appear in my life, i couldnt happy for that
Friendship, there's no more trust actually
i dont know how to describe what i feel to all of you, just disappointed
Love, why guys are all same ?
Ain't you just cant be yourself and not to hurt me?
i dont want any sweet talks if you just wanna to have fun for that !
It was not fun, guys
it may hurt me very deep just because of what you guys try to treat me
Family, feel so far distance with my Papa again
i felt so sorry and just wanna apologize for everything, Papa

what can i say anymore?
feel so hurt for all of these thing, and hope to restart everything in my life
If you loves me, please tell me.
If you don't, please be only a friend responsibilities

The days with work

Been a week i doesnt come to my blog, sorry blog readers
how's life anyway ?
what about me, im busying my life with school life plus work and tuition
Work is tiring, thats true that everyone said
but it was fun along with my D' Jacqueen, my D'Yoyo and my friends at my work place
feel worthy to try to earn money at outside although it is tiring
i don't felt suffer for this job just because that my boss treat us very well

13th March 2010;
 the day with mama again < 3
went to shopping with her, ops

my nails

14th March 2010
the day with Mandy and X.Yee
alright, let it be simple and cut it short
just went to take our brunch nearby Jusco kepong and went to Moe de Cafe for interview

no wrong, Mandy and i were success on interview and can go for work the next day

15th March 2010
the first day to work, gosh
finished my work at 6something, my boss, Edmund fetched me to home
thanks, hehe
in his car, cam whored again, lol
back to home, realize nobody at home
my mama bought me rice for dinner and went to Genting again with my cousin
So, find my activities again
feel tired but dont wanna stay home alone
asked Cookies Jar, the silly guy to fetched me for drinks at my work place
haha, he came with his friends at 8pm and went to fetch Mandy and X.Yee too.
anyway, home sweet home at 11something

the next day, i've been changed to night shift
seriously, it was better and better for me although it was more tiring
but i enjoyed !
Night shift along with my D'Jacqueen on the second day

the third and fourth also with my D' Jacqueen
what about the fifth day is with my D'Yoyo
also the same, sixth with my D'Jacqueen
for the seventh day, i tried the afternoon shift and it was not really fun
make me moody for the whole day, dislike afternoon shift and say no for it.

School life is back, it was boring and tiring
im thinking tomorrow attend to school anot since many of the students involved in different camps
Good luck guys =)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


亲情; 友情; 爱情

给不到你们要的, 很抱歉
我不爱听你们的对不起, 真的
原谅我, 我就是这样的女生
友谊对我来说很重要, 所以我并没放弃我们的友谊
或许这个是我自己的问题, 不必责怪你们自己

问好实在多到我无法呼吸, 或许是我多心吧
曾以为我们不会有任何的问题, 我也很努力的令自己开心
沉默或许会是永远, 要原谅我

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mama's day

5th of March 2010

the 2nd day to tuition seems really tiring
after school, planned to Jusco with Michelle but been canceled
the day she should be with her man actually, i dislike to be the light between them
hahaha, shhh**
her man's friend dropped me at Jusco, nobody willing accompany me there?
sigh, take the cab back to my grandma's home alone
get a shower and walked to Boat House to find my dearH and her man
im actually thinking, friday is couple day?
went back school and met my dearM up, i back there with my very short pants and a T-shirt
the guard who stand at the side looking at me and i should off from there but i continue walk into school compound.
darn, my dearM sat at canteen alone wey, where's her man gone?!
= =
shytz, leave her alone there

then, darlingY came and handed me the lens
sharped 3pm i reached Catherine's home and went to Jusco Popular along with Shanel
both of them were my school mates.
alright, we've forgotten the time for tuition, GOSH
rush there and finally we're late for 10mins
no choice, have to wait another lesson at 4.25pm and end up at 6.50pm
4.25pm class been changed to another classroom, so we sat there and mess up around after finished tea nearby there
what a gossip girls too, lol

no one here except us before our class start, = =

went dinner with my mama and bro, nothing special
9something reached home.

TODAY, 6th of March
S.H.E. came for concert today, so hope that i could go for their concert
currently bankrupt, fault on me !
damn it

my mama waked me up, pulled me to Centre Market
gosh !
Mama's day today
i bought a ring, i love it < 3
then, went to Petaling Street for our lunch
Beef noodle is our choice today, tee-hee
super delicious for that



on the way home


imma so bored right now
stay home is good choice, weather damn hot outside

Monday, March 1, 2010

Long post.

today went to Ts, as usual i went there with my dearM
I woke up at 11 in the morning, morning call by darl Y
lazy to prepare actually;

Sharped 2pm we finally reached our destination, my DearM hot like hot chick
hahaha, what the hell man
the place is seriously so damn pack, say no to train anymore.
First, we went to Old Town for brunch since we dont know what to eat
taste not bad, maybe im too hungry?
haha, watevaaa!
met James and Kevin right there
whoa, finally we met, JAMES !=DD
shopp around, i bought 3 clothes again
what a itchy hand i got==

Then, went to Gasoline for tea
Mr. James xD
yes, this time back at 5pm
both of us having dinner at night so have to back early
I took cab to dearH's home, i waited my mama till 8in the night
they came to fetched me to dinner
my aunts and uncles were all waiting for us, whoaa
sorry for being lateee

we finished at 10pm,and fetched bro to Ben's home
Just left my cousin Jane, mama and I
they planned to club actually, and ask me to find activities by myself
lol, cleveer==
but at last, their plan canceled and i've no one to fetch me
so they pulled me to RedBox at The Curve
I bath and make up again, felt so fresh =P
headed to The Curve at 12something, hushhush
home sweet home at 4in the morning < 3

woke up at 9 in the morning, do you hear that ?
Nine in the MORNING ! ! !
goshhh, to ZOO
morning call by my cousin==
wake up and dont willing to walk, omg
my mama said she's tired too
so, cousin fetched me at 10something
 there's no my photos, its all in my cousin's camera
Big Tortoise XD
Penguin < 3


okay, back at 3something
cousin treat me to wash hair at saloon which is nearby my home
yes, i felt so comfortable and my neck wasn't pain after their massage
after the wash,


What a tired and enjoyable weekend.