Thursday, December 3, 2009

Love to sing

this morning woke up at 9
as usual, woke up and prepare myself
everything done and cam-whore before out

yes, Joey Waldorf

in the car

went for breakfast then go pick dear M
after that, reached dear H's home
we sat awhile and then time for out !
we walk outside her home to take cab and headed to Brem Mall
Just K havent open, so went toilet

JY,dear H's man came
dear H and him lost suddenly==
always disappear once got her man with her, uggghhh
so left X.Yee, dear M and me
we went WongKok for drinks and jokes

Jusk K opened, we choosed a small room and for 2 hours
Let picture do talking ;

im so concentrate !

times up, we left the room and went to washroom

so we went to get a cab and back Metro
something irritating happen, shit !
then, we headed to 炮兵 as well

after desserts, we went to BigbigBowl find Vnis darl
lol, she's funny and such a long time doesnt meet her, i miss her a lots
get a called from dear H, she's at Jusco
so we leave vnis's place and headed Jusco, and i saw Tc's group
lol, i've ignored them

4something we reached dear H's home
something bad happens lahhh, sibeh moody
dont be worry, dear H
everything will be alright yeaa < 3

went for shower and 5something went lunch with dear M
then, 6pm reached tuition centre
its really kinda bored and i met school friends
annoying !><
dear M and i were so diligence,okay ?!!
hehe, XD

tuition again tomorrow, plan where after that ?
tea with Jack and go for shopp ?
anyway, im sick again !

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