Monday, December 21, 2009

Part of my life

 they're part of my Life < 3
dear M wanna kidnap them back her home, haha
both of them are female =D

nothing to do today, is a very bored day
message with Mr Alex Lai but then he seems so freaking busy with his games
haha, shhh !
the silly guy gonna get kick from me
he said he's moody today, doesnt know what happen to him
i've nothing to do, just send him the pic above to make him smile
did he smile ?!
I Don't Know. HAHA !

this evening, i changed my sheet and cleaned my messy room
while processing, see what my beloved did==
she helped me to take out the old sheet ?! she's so obedient

haha, trapped inside there !

suddenly, she think of her sis==

the war start !

haha, i loves them so much
i did mask just now, see my fugly face without make up and lens

what a lil sis==