Tuesday, January 19, 2010


so long doesnt updated
sorry for that, blog readers
lets simple talk about my days

Happy belated to Valen
they invited us to his party as well, and once dear M and i finished tuition
at the same time baby michelle reached.
she waited us at 7-eleven which nearby our tuition centre
4something we reached there, fetched by darling Y's fren
Viozai and Mc brought us to valen's home
only i realize, only 3 of us is female and others are males
i was totally shocked !
whoooaaa== geng mah !

5 of us went to buy some beers after we attend awhile at valen's home
then we pushed Viozai and Mc to his fren side
they really leave us there, pandai !
3 of us went to KFC, michelle unhappy (=
after that, walked to SB pm and somewhere else
haha, apologize to Viozai and Mc anyway

after school, we went to Jusco and gave the lens to babe Miyo
we ate our lunch there, and back at 3something
alots of joke there



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