Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tired skul life

Friday Jan 2010
as usual, woke up at 5 in the morning
prepare well and reached school around 7am
pictures before out
exam day were really tiring
i doesnt pay full attention on this exam, what a sad thing
slept for the whole day
recess time, as usual we chat around, joke around
Gossip Kaki

after school, i went to Catherine's home to get my phone
then, baby Hui helped me take those lens from darling Y's home
thanks ya alot <3
then, i went back to school and handed lens to some customers
times up, dear M and i went to tuition and baby Ying waited us at old place
it meant canteen, lol
back from tuition and rushed to school and met my baby up
whooaa, Vio, Mc and Wailun were there too
im shocked

they bought rojak again
im wondering always rojak, im gonna be faint
around 3pm, Vio and his friends planned to Jusco and same as us
but we're separated(=
we bought the same handphone hanger and necklace
whoaa, im lovin it
6something, baby Ying's bro picked us up and i reached home at 8pm
once i back, mama said she go to club with cousin'
lol, same as my bro
all leave me alone, shytz !
LUCKILY, he and friends acc me always < 3

the next day, meant today
went to find my baby Ying and i went to tuition alone
sigh, my dear M was not with me today
she's attending her relative's wedding, alright then

i Love this
ended at 4pm, thats all

i adnut that i love youuuu !
glad to hear that you too, but not as much as mine to you
its alright, i hope valentine day this year would be you with me
i hope you do, i wish you're really my mr.right

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