Monday, January 4, 2010

School make me sick !

4th of January 2010 !!!
school reopened today, oh shytz !

honestly, i couldnt sleep the whole night although i jumped to my bed when the time already 2 in the morning.
as usual i'll only sleep after 4 or 5 in the morning, can take me as vampire or wateva they called zombie ?==
alright,i just get some nap for only 1 hours i think so and get up at 4.50a.m.
felt so tired but then i've no choice bout that, it's ma fault lols.

on my comp, sign in to Fb and Msn and i realize not only me couldnt slept
hahaha, what a sad thing also.
my mama woke up after a few mins i done my simple exercise
she cooked maggie mee for me, awwww thats so sweeeet < 3
i was so blur and doing nothing since already 5something after i ate my breakfast
oh yeah, everything done sharped at 6.30 and mama fetched me to school.
say Hi to high school again. Lols

no doubt, really kinda bored there
dear H still remained at W class, what about Jenny and I up to R class
Congratz !
the first day, its also a very boring day
ignore please.
you know what ? i've been choosen as monitor, clap hands
haha, i dont make sure i could manage well the class okiee==
tomorrow, wish me good luck !

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