Sunday, October 25, 2009

No more barbaric

i woke up at 10 in the morning today, my mummy said why am i so good woke up such early
haha, seems like i always woke up late
washed my face, get my breakfast and started my revision as well
after that, i took my medicine, taste freaking BAD !
** i hoped i could throw it away
2pm, i started sleepy causes the medicines affection [=
back room and slept for almost 3 hours
5pm, i woke up and received my cousin Jane's message
i've forgotten her son's bday today
get up and bath, no lens and no make up
so, no pictures [=

The twin boys, wished you all the best
and wished Mika baby here, Happy bdayyy !

exam tomorrow, duhhhh
Damn nervous, i couldnt imagine
no careless tomorrow, bless me !!!

i've to make a decision, i decided to change change change
No more barbaric please [=
i believe myself

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