Monday, October 12, 2009

Pissed of

what wanna said ?
yesterday i saw a video posted by Mika baby from Facebook
and what i've saw, i couldnt accept it
i dropped my tears, i felt so heart pain seriously
China man killed the dogs
you know what, dogs are so cute
they took it as a food, how could it be.
why all of them were so heartless ?
they're so brainless, isn't ?
i couldnt describe how much i hate the humans bullied and killed the dogs
im just freaking hate and as my close fren knew, i loves pet alots
i swear next life, they'll get the most brutal retribution
as i hope, please the innocent dogs could rest in peace
dont be animals next life ; should be the dog killers !

im just too love dogs, too love
hate and not allowed the dogs get killed and summore take it as Food
damn !
rude to killers, there's no wrong !
i swore, no lies
i curse all of you, killers
you'll have retribution, for sureee !

sigh, im glad both of my dogs were safe with me
please, dont hurt dogs anymore.
put a full stop please.

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