Friday, October 9, 2009

two in one

i finally done both things in one day
i done my facial by Hui dear's sis, Jacquelyn
thanks yah alot <>
and , done my hair treatment again = D

firstly, woke up at 9am
went Hui dear's home almost 11am
sat there and get some chats around afternoon, went to Submit mall for lunch and have a walk darn, nothing nothing nothing to buy or even LOOK
fine ! took KFC as lunch with Hui dear and Mandy baby
stomach pain seriously made by them, swt !

back Hui dear's home, rest for a lil' while
and started our activity, yu-hoo
im the 1st person, lets go lets go
feel so comfortable firstly,
and pain slowly making out the black head out, bleeding maybe
im just no idea for it, and pulled Mandy baby shirts or wateva or maybe hair too
hahaha, i've no way to avoid that since i've too much blackheads
Hui dear and Mandy baby kept on disturbing me while im doing facial they could laughed untill the world disaster @@
and captured me since im so so ugly, argghh

the 2nd will be Hui dear, and i finished my facial in the same time she get captured by me, hahaha
the stupid she used blanket to covered her face, NO USE !

No more blackheads ! yesyesyes
i lovin' it~!
back home at 6something, get my dinner just now
and started my hair treatment again
feel so fully comfortable now
< 3

Thanks yah Jacquelyn sis !
= P

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