Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the simple day

woke up this morning, went to Hui dear's home
aha, for gamble she said==
i took my books there, i know im GOOD
clap hand * ==
her mom and Mandy's mom were jokes around, sat there quietly as usual
= D
they planned for lunch and have a walk at Jusco =[
they took before went out

took in the car = D

went Asia 1 for take their salary, and something bad happens made by miss X,yee
miss, remember what you did !!
arggghhhh ~!!

then went photo shop for washed our photos
hmp, not bad
went Uncle John for lunch, taste BAD
you you you !!! HPY !><
my Hui deaaaaaaaaar

i dont know the girl behind==

before back, for sure i went for Starbucks
= P
i bought small this time, couldnt finished the drink everytime==
reached Hui dear's home at 3pm, gamble gamble started
i lose firstly and finally won back at last

took the last picture with this girl before i went back at 6pm
not bad day

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