Friday, October 2, 2009

Station 1

Friday, 2.10.2009
went to school as usual, brought my mobile along
Jenny's mobile lots of stuff something like keychain i guess, and mine just normal and nice
went yamcha and 2pm back to school
since there's last day for school, principle talked so damn long
as i knew, he's talkativeee !

last period we attended the subject of malay, i simply captured everywhere or anyone

Guess this==, miss Jenny
she dont allowed me to post her ugly pose

all seems like nothing to do, and looked less people in this class
hmp !

not long, times for us to say good-bye
6.45pm reached and Yuko and i get in my bro's car immediately
freaking Hot and tired
planned to her house during holidays for revision, peace

bought Nasi Lemak for dinner along with him since my mummy went to party
Nasi Lemak that famous in our Malaysia contry, hahaha
received Weii baby's message, planned Station 1 nearby my home
bro wanna out for club too, called he fetch me along
yu-hoo, reached there at 9pm
feel so stranger causes i dont know their friends><
its okay, i watched movie with Weii baby through her laptop
something happen, both of us back earlier
ops, Alien's friend fetched me back after Weii baby

back home, took some pictures

is that suit for me to putted middle line ?


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