Monday, October 19, 2009

oh yes

Saturday@17th October 09
woke up in the afternoon, prepared well almost 3something

went for lunch with bro, headed to Sunway Medical at 4pm
sat there, accompany my mom untill 6pm
i miss her alot, she looked so thin and she's suffering
i helped her to tied her hair up nicely, washed her face with a lil hot temperature water causes she complained shivering
high fever suddenly, worried bout her
at the last, i've to rushed back Kepong with bro
went Carrefour bouht some meals for my puppies which is only meat they wanted

bought it and payed up the bill
my bro fetched me to my daddy's home
and, prepared to attend my daddy's fren's party
first, his friend celebrated Deepavali's day
they chat around, i sat there and enjoy my drinks

second round, headed to Maluri
another fren's party which his baby celebrated birthday

she's so cute, named KeiKei

alright, she called me to captured = D

home sweet home at 3am
The next day, Sunday@18th October 09
woke up at 12pm, called my daddy fetched me to find VY baby
reached her home, we took cab to Jusco
im so hungry, went BigBig Bowl had my lunch with VY baby
Vnis work place xD
we chat alot, jokes around
3something, i took cab back to Hui dear's home alone
and VY baby back by herself, hmp

lets picture do talking ;

my Hui dear <>

bebe, her puppy

its cuteee

captured by Boey, her sis
seeing secrets XD

Babylon's Cafe, Vnis

WY looked where ?

accompany Darling Y back her home for shower
9pm we back night market, bought some foods and drink
then saw 7zai and Anan suddenly, so 7zai followed us and Anan was lost
sat at a stall, chatting chatting
Jack finished his dinner, and we were separated with him
left 4 of us, they accompany me back to daddy's work place causes is very near
i informed my daddy that doesnt followed him to De-Lux club later
ops, i missed the chance to meet Anna
its okay, causes frens are more fun always =]
will be many chance for me to meet Anna next time
= P

waited Andy came, we headed to Gasoline
sat at outside and walked here and there
thinked where to go, decided Desa Park again
alright, we enjoyed alot there
some of them almost vomited, and i was moody for a lil thing
but at last, im okay with it

back Gasoline at 12am, Laughing Kor's fren started vomit there
he's so unluckily causes we did something to him
Darling Y suddenly felt wanna went Selayang for drinks
i complained too tired, and Laughing Kor dont felt wanna go
so, they left Laughing Kor and me
= X

Laughing Kor fetched me back, home sweet home at 12.30am

Monday@19th October 09
1pm went Hui dear's home again
6pm, my bro picked me up and went to my cousin,Jane's home for dinner
today is her birthday, wished her to be more prettier
= D

played this with she and my bro
awwww, quite child
but its funny xD

i lose twice, have to get chopped that shown above

oh yeah, my mom discharged today
im happy and thanks God
school tomorrow, rest now =]

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