Wednesday, September 9, 2009

090909 < 3

oh yeah, im back blog readers
currently im so busiest bout my stuff and my studies
so, my life as usual like how i am usually
aha, nothing special happen in my life
in fact, i really do putted down an entire heart to my studies
as i know i can really get a well result, no lies
but history and science make me mad, still couldnt understand well
sigh, i know im not clever but im not stupid
= D

my fringe and nails gettin' long, congratz to myself
hehe, i expected darn long time
examination is gettin near to me too, there's just 1month plus more
oh gosh, please dont failed againn
sub of science which im not even done well, gonna make me crazy
who gonna help me, who who who
extra and triple extra concentrate on my studies, not going for recess took my lunch everyday
just ate some fruits that my friend helped me to buy, thanks
maybe thats good, helped me to diet too
i got both benefit, not bad

today is a very special day
as people said, 090909 day today
believed everyone know that lah, news reported too
wished couples could get well more with their relationship
Ps ; Red apple dear, do you hear me ? be happiness with your man = D

sigh, couples could happy
single me should being alone here==
such a pity me huh, its okayyyyy
[ =
i willing to wait next year 090909
maybe next year i could get included into couples group
who knows, haha
Dreaming ' !

im missing my dad, expecting Saturday..

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