Saturday, September 19, 2009

very simple

reached daddy's house at 5pm
8pm went to dinner with daddy, finished and back home
10something went to his fren's stall, Darling Y, Darling Vnis came find me along with Andy
haha, unfortunately i couldnt out with them lah, its okay=]
12 at the midnight went yamcha with daddy, haha
something funny, secret
3am, home sweet home

Laughing kor and i asked for breakfast at 8am, freaking early
Darling Y and Darling Vnis dont picked up my calls, ==
i slept again, woke at 11a
prepared myself, daddy praying
finally all done well at 1something, went for lunch
after that, i leave my daddyd and walked to GL waited KW
yamcha and he went to Midvalley, i back home
took a bath again, went Jusco with aunt along with her daughter
heres the picture, less photos today [=

8pm, aunt fetched me back to mom's home
awwwww, 2 days gone like this
not bad lah, xD
Guessing tomorrow plan where to go with darlings ?!
thinking ~~~~