Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Interview day, 16th September 09
woke up at 9am, called up my baby Mandy
prepared well and capture some photos before went out ;

while in the car, im so nervous
reached Asia 1, we sat there and took breakfast
after breakfast went to toilet cam-whore again==
lets picture do talking ;

sudden pose, haha

took this at our seat, aha

both of them lazy to work lah, always stick with me

their manager reached, we asked for interview
filled up the form and he said have to discuss with the new manager
causes old manager doesnt longer there anymore, darn
have to wait till 3pm, gosh==
so, baby Mandy and i went to Jusco have a walk

planned Starbucks again, haha
im Starbucks fans. ops

i always the same, Chocolate Cream Chips

My bill [ =

the time gonna reach, turn back to destination again
ew, there's raining lahhh
luckily there's a cab as soon as possible
reached there, cam-whore again again again

im fulled of bored

after that, their manager arrived
who knows he said have to wait more 2 days to confirmed
darn, moody
went carrefour find works, all filled forms and no news
sigh, auntie fetched us back
thanks alot
damn hard to find a work, i realize it now

suddenly bad news came to me, made me cried whole day yesterday
im so hurt bout that, really freaking hurt
work for money for sure, but then is for experience too isnt ?
i just prefer work outside than work with my aunt
at least i could learnt to be more tough or watever outside
and i need money to learn dances, someone thought i need it for others
okay, i've nothing to said
im fully disappointed, very disappointed

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