Thursday, September 3, 2009

last recalled

it recalled back me, hmp
sometimes, i asked myself do I really forgotten him ?
i dont go after him anymore, long time doesnt tried to look for him
and, wondering how is him recently
its a fault for me to thinking back [=
everyday, every moment i saw couples everywhere in school
even though my Red apple is well relation with her man for these 5 month, almost half year
feeling envy, how wish the person could be changed you and me

although no more tears dropped for you, try to think am i still missing you
dont really know why wanna said this topic in this post today
maybe that's really the last and the last one post
trust myself wouldnt drop to the hole anymore, thats hurt me
but remembered you, the person i loved
65days, left you already this such much days
trust me, i could be more strong

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