Thursday, September 10, 2009


i realize day by day i fall in loves on Starbucks
aha, as usual went to school this afternoon and a lil' bit late reached
i dislike the new prefect, they loves to shouted
my god, such an annoying person

even though i loves my classmates alot, they loves to joke and also playful
i admitted i've really got fun with them always, many jokes with all of them
but, i knew i shouldnt be in this class
just, i promised i wouldnt forget 09 memories with them
perhaps next year wouldnt same class with anyone of them, thats why i wouldnt forget every moment with them
although sometimes we get some argument, some misunderstanding
i knew everyone go over all before these with their friends

time ended school, discussed something with Eling
while in the car, i planned PizzaHut for dinner
hahahaha, causes' my bro got his salary today and he promised he treat me
get a delivery and rushed back home for shower
waited darn long, finally my dinner reached !
oh my, freaking hungry

after dinner, my bro went out Starbucks with my cousin
called him to get me my fav. drinks
ahaa, he said im so greedy, XD

He came back after 2 hours, and my Chocolate Cream Chips belongs mineeee
took a pic with my pyjamas, ignoreee ==
alright, time for revision again
recently revision with Jenny untill 2 in the morning
hahaha, mad


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