Thursday, September 24, 2009

as usual

went daddy's home at 5pm, ready for dinner at 7pm
headed to china steamboat again
my cousin bro treat us, pretty good
after dinner, my daddy went back home by himself
and i walked to babylon's cafe which near from the steamboat restaurant
sat there along with Darling Y while waiting Darling Vnis
no place to go, none transport
ordered some foods and drinks there, played cards
the next table quite lame huh
one of them came and ask for number causes he lose their game they played
almost 3 time they came, darn, Darling Y gave ,wrong numbers
haha, thats good
suddenly, Max called me and i couldnt recognize him at all
he's one of my bro's fren
he just sat the table behind me with his frens
Marcus and Max sat with us and chat together
11pm, Laughing kor came to find us and we were end chatting
Marcus send Darling Vnis home, Laughing kor send Darling Y and me
we headed to Gasoline awhile, i saw my suipo Huii
hush, she's so so so damn adorable
12something, i reached home and chat with aunt again
both of us were hungry, went for supper at GL
3am home sweet home

i woke up at 11am, honestly i doesnt slept at all
prepared well, time reached 1pm

Darling Y's mom picked me up and fetched both of us to Babylon for lunch
Laughing kor fetched Ray came to find us after we finished our meals
chat awhile and Laughing kor back to work

Ray and us walked to ASIA1 find red apple and X.yee
feel wanna yamcha again, sat there again
Ray, captured by darling Y

3something we took cab to Brem Mall
went to Just K but there's no more rooms for us
darn, moodyyyy
5pm we took cab back my daddy's home
and Andy fetched both of them from my place
7pm i reached my mum's home

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