Monday, September 14, 2009

Nice, great

im late for blogs, sorry
let's talked again start 12.09.09@Saturday

woke up late, rushed to prepare myself
mandy kept on call me, luckily i could awake
everything done, called my mom fetched me to Jusco at 12something
there's straffic jam, darrrnnn

reached cinema, bought the movie named "吓到笑"

after that, went to toilet cam-whore again
3 of us, im the one who look older==
okay, let's see

aiya, kissed me again

i still dont know what pose am i==

then, we planned for so long to take our lunch
think for almost an hour==
i made a decision, went for steamboat at Johnny's Restaurant
looked so nice, taste not bad

the foods, yummy
we talked alot, finally knew something bad

after our desserts, time for bill
price counted reasonable =]

went for movie, that's quite scary but alot of jokes
really make me scared till laugh==
end movie at 4.30, went to took a cab and headed to Asia 1

Next, went Babylon's Cafe find my darling Y
had a tea there along with Bei
she's there too, wu-hoo

6something, back my daddy's home and he told me he's not in home for a whole day
his friend from HK came here finally, awwww
my night dayyys ! = D
went Cyber a lil while, went back home had my shower

7something, came out again
never took my dinner, just walked to Ninja Cyber yamcha
8.30pm, Mandy and X.Yee have to back home
okay, left me with them
Darling Y finished her work and 9pm headed to her home
there's something about friends, but finally settle now
argument end ! =]

they went to other place, left darling Y and me
waited Andy for a lil' while
oh yeah, he's reached so fetched us to Darling Vnis work place
she ended her work at 9pm, saw Laughing Kor[Yangyang] came too
aha, went for yamcha againnn ;
around 10pm, we planned to Desa Park have a walk
Alien's bday, i saw her there along with Babe Wei and some friends
wished alien here, happy belated bday =]
Darling Y draw these== not nice !

12am we leave there
and went to Selayang a lil while
think where to go, thought went to Genting but finally choose Honeymoon again
hahaha, darling Y and Vnis ordered the desserts for me
i was like, omg omg==
but quite delicious lah, laughing kor kept on laugh
same as me, silly maybe
= S
home sweet home at 3am

the next day, 8 in the morning
darling Y called for breakfast
okay okay, prepared myself without make up and lens
my eyes couldnt fully opened, walked to outside wait darling Y and Andy arrived
went to GL for our breakfast, walked to Pasar Pagi for a lil'while
fetched Darling Vnis to work and fetched me home
once back, auntie called me to breakfast with her againn, omg
aha, okayy
many things to talk with auntie, hahaha
went hope around 11am, rest about 20 mins
asked for Jusco, auntie fetched he and me tooooo !
nothing bought, just a magazine and some stuff
went to find Darling Vnis at BigbigBowl a lil' while

back GL bout 2pm
accompany he for lunch there

back home at 3something, rest and chit chat with auntie till 4something
mobile rang again, went Yamcha with Darling Vnis and Laughing kor
5pm reached there, sat there and talked
6pm auntie fetched me to dinner with her, wished her Happy Bday here
and, fetched me back to mom's home around 7pm

guess some events for next week
yu-hooo !
thats all for my sat and sun

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