Monday, September 28, 2009


im late, blog readers
busied on my holidays events which is fulled
panda eyes become serious, ops
went back my daddy's home more and more
seems so sweet, haha

today skul was reopened again, have to concentrate again
exam is around the corner, i know i Can
my fringe gettin' longer, not bad not bad
hmmp ! at least i can let it grow and wont cut it short again
haha, nonsense much==

today rain badly, i tied nicely my hair and once i went out, my hair all messy
wind blow heavily !! darn, moody
simply clipped and ignore it

expecting myself to be more good, my daddy
dont worried bout me
i'll be good, i know you're seeing my blog
maybe im still better than others at outside
wouldnt be the worst in the world for sureeee !><

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