Sunday, September 6, 2009


bored in home, sigh x3
nothing to do, take out my math&eng book
aha, seldom seen huh, i know that
i realize my knowledge for math damn poor, have to study hard for this
Transformation, quite easy for me, wu-hooooo
add oil for my studies =D

im waiting Bei's news, get me a photo shooting
im waiting, waitinnng !
i expected long time ago, hahaha
dreaming weyyy
seriously, i loved it so damn much

tomorrow Monday again, sigh
face the teachers i dont hoped to see, face some i dont like
useless been the school's student
examination is reached next month, couldnt describe my feeling
such a non imagination face
maybe that's me lah, only will rushed for revision when there's no more time left

i closed my eyes, enjoyed my days
aha, ciaaaoo

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