Sunday, November 15, 2009

3 days 2 nights

yes, i just came back from Dear H's home
i went there for 3 days 2 nights

Friday, 13.11.09
i went there at 10something in the morning
arrange my clothes there, gossip gossip
then, dear H's man was reached and we headed to the tailor's shop
their couple shirt were too big for her man, lol
after that, they accompany me to breakfast as well ;
all the way, they just sweet around and abandoned me !!
what a sad thing [=

her man gotta go his fren's home i guess, so left she and me
i'mma sport light for them, sorry bout that
i ain't boyfriend, troublesome !==

walked back her home, her mom was reached home too
went Jusco with them along her sis and we're separated
we went to find Dear M and X.yee
millions people there for watching 2012 i think so.
ugghh, i dont like the feel causes i dont use make up and lens today
wore my lens, forced by them
lol, force me, kidding @@
i'm no mood for photos, i guess something wrong huh
the only two pics i feel better ;

im gettin' FAT !

this is dear H, sleeping pose
SHHH, hehe

Saturday, 14.11.09
woe up at 8something in the morning
thats super duper early isnt ?
proud of myself*
went 1u with Boey, dear H's sis and dear H&her man
i found a partner so that wouldnt disturb both of them, hmp !
preparing process ; let picture do talking

she's disturbing !

Boey, her sis

reached 1u, separated !
Boey and I headed to Dream World
our old place @@
let's see !

imma narcissism

there're the photos we captured !
failed for 4 times, bad

i love this

this too =D

im so so hungry, went to Burger King as well
i couldnt think what to eat, just eat lah, who care
the little adorable girl captured me

im fugly, i know

second round, she wanna eat ice cream==
brought her to MCD

no tickets for 2012, the whole day !
what the hell man ==
so, bought The fourth kind tickets which is started at 2pm
went toilet for lil while

movie start, i enjoyed it
but just half !
moody on it
dear H wanna rushed back home for something
sigh, 9bucks lost
its okay, i can understand
went to wait buses at outside for 1 hours plus !
im darn tired there, sat down and get captured again==

couldnt describe my hair, wind blows

the couple

dear H

i like this, hahaha

no more buses, thats why i hate to enter the busses
i willing to give more money for taking a cab
finally planned back by cab, good job
but it cost 16bucks ! what the hell
usually only cost 12 bucks, the stupid greedy ghost cab

Sunday, 15.11.09
nothing special, no photos, no topics
woke up pretty early too, at 9something
went market with her mom and my mama picked me up at 11something
went breakfast with my mama, and home sweet home at the last

i enjoyed the days with dear H
i bite her, i kicked her
and she's complained her hand pain pain pain, causes me
lots fun with her in these days
< 3

Ps ; sibeh lonely, prince please come to me loh !

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