Thursday, November 12, 2009

bad news

TODAY, considered bad news i received
the pretty morning, get up to dear H's home whom kept on complained
bro eye's was itchy, left home alone
before out, captured photos for sure
in the kitchen==

in my mama's room, waiting mama which is busying her make up
considered disturbing her i think so xD

went out bought my bro some medic for his eyes
something like Eye-Mo, watevaaaaa
dear H's messages sibehhh many==, too miss me izzit ?
make my mama drive so fast, morning lahhhh weyy
i need SLOW xDD

went for lunch with dear H and her mummy
then, went back skul while her mummy waiting Teng as well
my hair which is dyed, all looked at me and im just stunned
rushed to office, malay teacher is not there
staff room too and laboratory she at always
Jenny came and we searched her for almost 2 hours plus
im freaking hot and gave up
Teng fetched us back and dropped by 7-eleven bought some cup maggie

we went back dear H's home, suddenly said wanna fetch the JW
honestly, i couldnt breath once he came in the car
he's really, SMELLY
sorry to say that [=
he's the guy dear H's mummy fetched everyday
alright, rushed home ate our maggie which mine tasted TomYam and dear H choose curry
mine is really taste good, not bad.
after that, we back room and the cloc sharped 5pm
i napped for lil while with BeBe causes its rain heavily

5.30pm, my mama picked me up
my eyes started painful but i ignore it
we headed to Carrefour bought my puppies some meals

lastly, we finished at 6plus
bought KFC as dinner and end for it
bad new is, my malay which should scored 60% become 40% now
what the hell, im not satisfied

tomorrow and saturday will be stay at dear H's home
yu-hoo, i Love her

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