Friday, November 27, 2009


11am, get a called from Mr.Pinz==
he called for help, im wondering what happen to him
lol, he wanna know the ingredients for making egg tart
i've really almost forgotten all the steps and igredients, uggghhh
luckily doesnt fully forget

end called, i slept again
woke up at 1something and get some egg as lunch
4.30pm, rush to prepare myself
went daddy's home sharp 6pm
Pictures before out ;

i Fat again

in the car

at daddy's home

went aunt's restaurant, Jln Imbi
Restaurant Rasa Sayang ~!
dinner started, and end at 9pm

on the way back

at lift, reached mama's home

is a very simple post with photos
tomorrow out or stay home ?
hmp !

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