Saturday, November 21, 2009

party night 21

TODAY, 1something headed to dear H's home
haha, seems like always there
ish ! because i miss her and dear M mahhhh, XD
wanna take back my wallet too lahh=D
before out, only one photo

im really UGLY !

cried for something, sigh
then went for register tuition class along with dear M and dear H
only dear M and me go for tuition next month==
after that, went GL for lunch and bought some beverage at 7-eleven
back my home at 5pm

chat with dear and on facebook awhile, then shower and get ready for my cousin's bday night party
Happy birthday 21th, cousin <>
i wore my lens and is so damn painful, omfg
let picture do talking ;

DUH ! im really fat like pig==


i like this photo so uch xD

i feel looks better without nose and mouth==

on the way to destination = D

he's the birthday boy lahhhh, wink*
with my grandma XD

my queen mama and I, hahaha

my grandma looks HOT, hahaha

Mr. Kelvin Cullen==

birthday boy's mom
my aunt which is alike with my mama

my God mother@@

uggghhhh, she kept on snapped photo

what a cool mama, wahaha
she act cool SHHHH

big gathering 1

big gathering 2

he's so adorable

miss 988 !
HAHA, my cousin sis and i looked older i know
i admitted lahhhh

home sweet home at 11pm
i miss my dear so muchhh, love yah


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