Sunday, November 1, 2009

wait me

my very old pic, last year 08 *
* no new pic during now

3 more days to finished my final exams
seems not good for it, as you knew im so stress
hence, so damn poor on my math =x
not a good news for me, causes its really so hard than how i imagined
papers 2 were over and paper1 have to handle by tomorrow
i dont felt well for it, which i really so sick bout it

high fever yesterday and almost fainted this morning==
awww, dizzy and couldnt see anything
cold like ice and asked for help quickly, my mummy rushed to my room and get me a glass of hot water
rest there, get two pills medicine which i hate the most
forced by my mummy again, lols
she cooked breakfast for me, ate it and rest again
woke up at one in the afternoon
feel so much better now, doesnt dizzy right now

alright, i'll be back 3 days more
will be free soon, expecting =]

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