Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today, wednesday
firstly wished my darling Y a happy birthday and Evelyn a happy belated birthday
wish both of you dream comes true always <>

early in the morning, get up at 8am !
thats pretty==
on my Msn and Facebook, chat with baby Wei
times reached 9something, prepared for shower and others stuff
aint make up today

i told you i'm FAT !
i told you i'm FAT !

11am reached dear H's home, get a cab and headed to Jusco
i watched 2012 for twice time==
aacompany Tc for the 1st round and accompany my mama for the 2nd round
the 1st round, im just doesnt pay attention

ran to toilet while the movie began half
im cold like ICE
shytz !

then, i left Tc since his's friends reached
went for lunch with dear H and her man, i became spot light again
hahaha, Gasoline !

we've no idea back to Jusco, rain heavily
but at last. dear H stole an umbrella==
dont know where she got it, laughed !!!

meet my dear Tiing finally but no cam whore>< style="font-style: italic;">MY HAIR ! hahaha

6something, my mama fetch me to Jusco again !
for the 2nd round@@
i was sleepy and sms with Andy in the beginning
thats so amazing for this movie, worthy to watch my guyss !
its really Gooood !
finally, home sweet home at 10pm

guys, saw my hand ?!!
thanks Dear H, you did it
i remember yoooouuuuu !

im freaking TIRED

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