Thursday, November 19, 2009

result taken

woke up at the morning, i know is super early
midnight yesterday get a call from dear, i fall asleep for waiting his reply
lols, then chat for a time then i sleep again
doesnt reply his message, i doesnt noticed it xDD

ready to dear H's home and gossip gossip again
our hobbies i know==
12something we back to skul for taken the result
its much better than last year, i swear !

we're gossip QUEEN !

X.yee captured
im doing stupid pose there, LOL

after that dear M and i left dear H and X.yee at skul
both of us headed to Gasoline, for sure she find her man and i find mine
my left hand get scratched from dear M again, both hands please say Good-bye==
4something, my dear fetched us back
Love you <>

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