Friday, November 6, 2009

bestie for the day

woke up pretty early today, not going to school but for movie
as usual, bath and make up
we choose to wear dress actually, i love
i wore my lens, felt bored on grey =X

im going to work ? =D

in the car, on the way
my bro, mama and I went for breakfast firstly
and they dropped me down to my dear Hui's home
we started cam-whore once i stepped in her room, what a silly us
let's see ;

my M, cutie M

what pose ? ==

captured by dear M, fugly

X.Yee havent changed her clothes

yooohhhh, my dear Hui
she's gorgeous, say yes to her
< 3

1,2,3, GO

hahahaahaha, dear H captured this

X.yee, what you want from me ?

we reached Jusco around 12
went toilet captured this

Then, we went to cinema
we suggested to watch "Poker King"
after we buy the tickets, we walked down to Starbucks
our place, =D

we gossip around there, our hobbies==
im really crazy bout it, its so so damn funny
they could really thinks many silly things, their mind
lol, haha
times up, we went up to cinema
a malay guy interested on my dear H, and thats lame she said
hahaha, alright

the movie is nice and funny, worthy
X.yee accom me to toilet while the shows began half

is this myself ? i take this pose ?!

finished movie at 3.30pm
we walked to Gasoline, my M wanna find her hubby
Seems something bad news, but everythings alright now
have a tea there and back to Jusco for lunch
i planned Secret Recipe, so we choose to ate there
i missed the New York Cheese, yu-hoooo
Laughing Kor came find me for a lil'while, then he back to his work i guess
Dear M saw Kyo passed by, haha
i would like to send him a message, and he called back
meet a lil'while, so darn long doesnt meet him
Handsome lahhh, xD

after we get our lunch, we walked to MarryBrown
sat behind there, and cam-whore before leave !
lets pictures do talking ;

seems like i love this pose so much==




Kiss 2

Kiss 3

Stupid pig face !

Lastly, we back dear H's home and i straightly went back home
bro was waiting me, good Bro

we've been so long doesnt hang out, without boyfriend as well
and, i expected this day so long
finally, i've it
Love you all, my dears
< 3

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