Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fed up

i saw XXX today, he accompany his friend came see Amanda
i was like, damn it, again
hmp, i tried to ignore, i did it
i finally could give up maybe, hopefully
played with YM hubby in class
played with him only *
dont really want to looked at XXX, i know im already fed up on him
disappointed, hurt, pain get from him, dont want get it anymore

doesnt wore lens to school today, eyes pain
wore YM hubby spectacles which no power, hahaha
at least i can cover my non make up face
tomorrow post the image that i wore his spectacles
so damn bored and hot today
we bought the mask together, everyone wore
haha, damn it==
all ate the junk foods easily, covered by Mask

alright, facing the truth i know
hehehe, everything will be fine

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