Sunday, August 16, 2009


14.08.2009 @ Friday
went school as usual by 12pm, reached and message my Red Apple
she's in back gate, went to find her
then we took some picture in her mom's car while waiting someone
followed Red Apple fetched the boy to Jinjang
all picture were damn blur, choose only mine==

back school by 1pm, went bought some drinks
Red Apple find her hubby, i waited YM things
time assembly, but no assembly so get in to class with J
hm, no time to played my mobile, so concentrated on studies and jokes with YM groups
As my dicipline teacher, Pn Lim, she said time for Gantung causes my marks left 10
i was stunned for a lil' while, and not to worried so much, maybe just scared me
so continued my day life in school, waited back home
end for Friday, thats it and such a bored Friday

15.08.2009 @ Saturday
woke up around 11am, prepared well without make up
went Carrefour with my mum
rushed to bought some meals, and back home
we ordered the Mineral Water every month once
then finished, went for lunch and Guardians bought my T3 washing face and mom bought her eyeliner ;
went Pet shop bought some snack for my puppeis too
home sweet home finally and took some photos
its in my Fs, have some look over there

i received the school called yesterday, and heard YM said i've to Gantung for 1 week
DAMN, gantung me?
shit, waiting tomorrow
im mad for this, argue with my mom for a lil' while
luckily she trusted me at last
so, see whats gonna happen tomorrow

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