Saturday, August 22, 2009

my days with my girls

my Honey, my Dear =]

woke up by 10am, Mandy be my alarm clock xD
super tired firstly, washed my face and make up prepare myself
finished around 11something, called my mom fetched me to Jusco@Kepong
all reached at the same place, same time
what a coincidentally huh !
went up cinema booked the 009 movie and definitely cam-whore againnn ;

my sweetie dear, wu-hooo

my honey took so freaking blur for each pictures

went out bought the drinks, straight in the room
luckily that's not no.6 room !
damn funny, i laughed like hell inside there
not only the movie but also my dear with her boy, hehehe
Dear, i wanted see you kissed with him lahhhh *
raps with my honey, im almost crazy with her

they said im different now!!! haha

i know im short ! forgive for that lahhhhh !><

many craps with my honey, im almost crazy with her
went food&tea after movie, i said i dont like the foods !!
they trusted me after get in today==
not delicious at all nowadays, darn

im waitinnnng the foods

no Red apple juice, choose green

this what i called, ain't delicious !

cam-whore after lunch, again again and again
i know that~

back by 4pm, before that went Starbucks bought my favorite Chocolate Cream Chips
taaaadahh !!**

took cab back dear's house, payed by honeyyyy
long time doesnt visited her house, yu-hooo
no more putting the sides hair, i want mature look

yaaaaaaaaa, my dear my dear

1 2 3, H,M,J

i loves myself, hahaha

Oh yah, now im showed my fat picture here
im Fat, i told before
trust now huh ?! hahaha
>< went 7-11 with honey, dear want bought Bread== as she said, diet
Lol, better eat more for your healthy
went dad's home myself, walked so lonely
kacauu him go for steamboaaaaaat ! yesyesyes ! GoGoGo, i lovin` it
yummmy, i know im stupid==

back dad's home by 8something, waited my bro picked me up
he reached by 10pm, darn
always get cheated by him, arggh !

waaaaooo, my dad fulled of Tatooos !!

Byebyebye =]]
end for my saturdayyyyys !

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