Monday, August 31, 2009

merdeka eve

doesnt updated this few days, sorry guys
im freaking busy for my every single events everyday
haha, lol

our merdeka eve, i woke up around 3something
my dad called me for dinner, alright
napped for awhile and time past so fast reached 5pm
prepared myself, exactly 6pm my mobile rang
i dont used make up today, haha
just wore my lens, ignore==

this one of my puppy image i captured before went out ;

went Imbi@KL for dinner, my aunt restaurant again
hmp, after dinner went Setapak with my dad
alike praying the ghost festival, scary ; D
headed to De-Lux night club around 11something
darn, looked perfect there
all were so friendly, alcohol againnn
i won the games always, so luckily im not the loser
taaa- dahhh, my pictures below again

i love the mirror, lols

alcohol, showed im bad girl

leave there by 3am, headed to The curve with dad
something happen make us moody of that
especially, my dad

5am, my dad back home
and i went find Yong, haha
night ghost, sigh
8am he fetched me to darling Y's home
thanks < 3
waited they prepared, and walked to outside waited Yangyang come
[their friend, quitce nice guy=) ]
he fetched us to MCdonald for breakfast, and fetched Vnis dear to work
her boss havent come, damn long damn damn long
its ok=)
left 3 of us, went yamcha again
untill time for darling Y work, so fetched me back daddy's home

had a shower, jumped to my bed
slept till 3pm, went lunch with daddy
and now 5pm, i had back mom's home again
and and and, i havent could sleep yet !!!
rawwwwkkkkkks !!

school reopened tomorrow, wished me good luck

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