Thursday, August 27, 2009

lovely holidays ;

went daddy's home in the morning while mum going out for work with bro
my daddy slept like a Pig, so i napped awhile too
1pm reached, walked to find babe Michelle, met her at a place
we walked to take taxi and headed to Asia 1@kepong
ew, copied Station 1 style huh==
finally i saw my Red apple, looked so cutieee wore the uniform
looked so tired, the manager damn fierce
hoped my dear can fine for this work, wished !!
ate my lunch there, ordered by my dear
hahaha, kept on laughed, damn funny lahhhh
its okay, cute suited for you my dear xD

Second round, went Honeymoon for our desserts;

my baby !!

while waiting the desserts=]

this the dessert i called, not delicious !

instead what my babe desserts, delicious than mine
sigh, forget it==
mobile rang, mr.QL called
he's not in good mood, so babe and I canceled our shopping day
went 3rd time yamcha, our old place usually at Kepong nearby our school
haha, we talked alot, shared alot our memories with the one we loved
honestly tears almost dropped
opposite the guys kept on looking at us, felt not comfortable at all
shit them==

then, walked to another shop yamcha
non stopped at all, stomach fulled of waters, lol
not long, mr.QL back home for a lil' while
we called Kelvin come out, brought along his basketball
walked back to my daddy's home, i need a shower causes freaking hot

sat at the basketball court side, relaxing with them--
haha, foolish background
shhh xD
this guy, KKKelvin
hahaha, i guess he knew what i called him huh

they went back home at 6 something, i walked back home alone
rest there, waiting my daddy back home
7something ready for having dinner with my daddy, yu-hooo
i complained much that i spent alot money that day, he said im talkative==
okay ! haha, i admit

back home and played my Facebook ;
11pm reached, called my dad fetched me to DesaPark find babe weii,tiing and huii
mygod, i miss them i miss them ~
walked around and back babe weii home
jokes around, laughed everywhere, talked anytime
hmp, Tank finally awake by our noisy voice, hehehe
and, home sweet home by 3am

The next day, 26.08.2009@Wednesday
my daddy woke me up, went for lunch but not breakfast
haha, i know im Pig
took before went out ;
im gettin fatter, hushh !!TT

after lunch, called my dad fetched me to Jusco@Kepong
went find my babe Vnis, planned for movie with babe Vnis, villy, WK, and some of their friend
watched "District 9", quite nice
after movie, i went back home alone
took a taxi, costs damn expensiveeeee !!!!
then, went steamboat again with my daddy for dinner
haha, steamboat always, yummmy
this time is China style steamboat, quite nice tooo
thats my daddy's fren's restauant, Hong Fook steamboat
hmm, nearby Honeymoon

looked so delicious, expensive huhhhh !
but luckily half of the foods he treat me, haha
thanks ;

they drank alcohol with a groups friends
finally fetched me back mom's home at 12something

and today, stayed home whole day
simple days actually, buhbyeeee !

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