Monday, August 17, 2009


My yellow paper arrived, ==
1 week gantung, shit, but could get 1 week more holidays
went to school, meet up Red Apple them
borrowed the tie from Jenny, wore it faster
saw Vio, kacau banyak xD

Assembly for 2 hours, sang the country's song
lol, damn bored lahh
went Yuko classes cause there's too many students stand up
thought teachers couldnt saw, but the Zahidi saw Jenny and me==
caught us go behind, damn him
saw Quah Pee Tin, act she's invisible
but she whack my leg behind suddenly, shit !
i stunned, damn pain
she said my socks, my tie, my hair
many excuse to catch me, darn
told myself be patient for a lil' while
caught Jenny bra strip, brought she to office
and another discipline teacher caught my hair, gave me a scissors
called me to cut my fringe, omg
i clipped my hair, she said must cut too==
moment later, she caught Red Apple and some female students too

brought us to office, one by one to cut their fringe
Red Apple cried, same as X.Yee
i said i dont willing to cut before my mom reached school
so, waited my mom and bro by 5pm
damn long time, that time is just 2.30pm
Red Apple went down called her mom, her mom reached so fast along with Mandy's mom
hmp, they went back home cut, good lah
Jenny, have to get scolded by each discipline teachers and she cried badly
Pity my dear
im the one lucky, waited mom
recess time, YM asked many things==
lazy bother them, back to office again
mom reached later on, went office find the stupid PK Hem CHUA HWA LIAN
he said alot, said im rude
when do i rude ? fine !

mom complained bout my leg, he kept on apologize for Quah Pee Tin
no excuse lah, he dont even know the pain==
mom scolded them badly, thanks alot
< 3
showed all of you my leg ;

Remember this mark== damn damn pain

Darling Yee& Babe Wei, i miss both of you so much
hoped to meet both of you this Saturday =]

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  1. Wah liao you ar...
    Me cry badly you also write...
    You ar but fine la...
    Now how is ur leg...
    0k liao ma...