Saturday, August 8, 2009

The day

I'm back guys
haha, freaking tired today
hmp, promised blog once im back, i done it
hu-hooo, long post todayyyy
Let's back to the topic *

First of all, make up and prepared everything
Cam whore before left my room

is that okay ?

finished prepared by 12pm, went Jusco
im the 1st person reached, went popular find Popteen magazines
Darling Yee reached too, went cinema see the times for the movie we wanna watch
choose 3pm, but waited for Baby Yan first
so take our lunch at Secret Recipe, our old place
1pm, baby Yan reached, hahaha
mandy and X.Yee came with their parents, as they said, Family Day today
but they left their mum at market, come join us for a lil' while
so finished lunch, went cinema bought the tickets, 009
but there's fulled for 3pm, sigh
so cancelled movie, went to toilet, cam-whore
Our hobbies xD
Lazy to write, let picture do talking always ;

Baby Yan, love youuuu <>
Darling Yee, Mandy, X.Yee, Baby Yan and Joeywong

I am who i am

Peace always lah this dummy

i wanna captured her face actually, but she rather showed me her ass
Nice ass lah==

Me again, Joeywong

awwwwww, sweetie kissed me

boom boom POW ! hahaha

finished captured, mandy and X.Yee got to back home
so, left 3 of us again
Meng called us, he reached Jusco, went Marrybrown find him
Darling Yee and Meng smoke again, silly lahhh
felt bored, so went Ice Wheel Cafe again
saw Lunz and Zibin waiting someone, i guess i know who they're waiting

dont bother them, walked to cafe
while ordering the foods, i looked outside with my natural response==
once looked, i saw XXX with Lunz and Zibin
i saw XXX again, i feel moody and disppointed
just, keep asked Baby Yan, howhowhow?
talked our stories again, gossip again, chatting and jokes again
then, they're gone, i just Miss him

continued our gossip, 3something left cafe
in the same time, i saw XXX again when i opening the door
i was like, damn, i cant see him anymore
so i act dont know him, same as him
in fact, i rather like this if he choose to gave up
went Tea 1 find XinYee, she's adorable !!!

my Baby Weii, honey Tiing and Huii came finally
hug them for sure <>
keep on holding their hand, damn warm
4something back Jusco with them but without Darling Yee
she saw her friends, so she followed their car go other place
[ =, you leave me alone !!
kick your butt anyway

Meng waited us at Marrybrown
i went to bought earring and saw Kee with Miyo
they looked Cute, hehe
all of us went toilet again, cam-whore again !

Honey Tiing ! <>

Miyo helped me drawed back my eye used her eyeliner pencil
Thanks Miyo <>
Meng said im too free, captured in taxi, haha

Meng wanna stayed there, i walked in couldnt saw Yong but only K.Hoong
so, went night market with Baby Yan for a lil' while
bought 2 CD, theres some problem
need exchange next week, duhh

back daddy's home at 7something
Baby Yan waited her sis fetched her nearby my dad's home
so i rushed back home, daddy said go KL find aunt==

im enough TIRED

went dinner there, delicious but i dont like vegetarian so much [=
i asked my dad, there's really Doomday next year
he said no, as what Buddhist monk said, many people were mortality causes the H1N1
hmm, please drink more water my peoples *

Oily hair, yewwwwww

XXX, i miss you alot
please, dont let me get a reason to find you anymore
no sigh instead i should happy