Saturday, August 8, 2009

Satisfied and learn be tough

Yesterday, i get my lens finally
should thanks my babe Tiing & Jiexuan
i received it and wore it on the spot, i walked to the toilet along with Mandy and X.Yee
they helped me opened the cover, loves to played and jokes everywhere and anytime
after i wore it, cam-whore again
Do i looked different after wore the lens ?
anyway, this is X.Yee

Mandy, looked like primary students after she tied up her hair, hahaha

alright, went to accompany X.Yee top up her mobile
the same time, she top up for me too, thanks dear
went yamcha since there's still left half an hour more
2pm reached, went back school and its late
no need line up, thats good, straightly back to the class
luckily my teacher haven't came to the class, peace !

I handed my mobile to K.Lim, 3pm he gave me back
I get back my mobile through the windows, fortunately doesnt scratched my mobile
played and sms Mandy who studied above my class
time passed so fast, recess time
3 of us doesnt went to canteen instead to the class next by my class
Im enough good for the girl, but she's still so stubborn
Im getting mad since she played miss called and message me used others name
i recognize her voice, she's damn rude and non moral at all
message me during midnight, called me during busying my stuff

im good to the person who treat me good
im a good friend but a bad enemy, trust me
i scolded her, aint like me actually
all were just like watching show over there, damn it
she just keep on looked to the floor and keep say No, i didnt do it
but once called her to swear, she quiet
i doesnt handed the message to the teacher or your sister, thats good for you
dont disturb me again, silly child

back to the topic, recess time was over
back to class, rest a lil' while and jokes with the boys
hmp, get jokes from them alot, many gossip from them, hahaha
the last 2 periods before end school, the next block classes were sport check
luckily i saw it earlier, all throwed their mobiles to me==
i rushed to the foyer and gave a teacher to kept, thanks her alot
but in the end, no sport check for us, lols
make me feel worried,hmp

times up, waited my bro to fetched Yuko and me
i fetched her back always, i know im good student and also a good friend
Cam-whore in the car while way to home

The next day, meant today
planned to daddy's place for a while with bro
and suddenly bro told me not going to KL already, so i planned to out for movie
he fetched me to daddy's place, but he went out so we finded him at his work place
keep on called friends to out, but they're all busy like hell
moody, wasted my money
so went back home as usual around 1pm

Am i gettin' fat ?>"<

to XXX, i guess you know who im saying *
Although you're left, but i guess i'm still Fine without you
dont turn back since you made this decision
it may hurt me, but helped me learn to be tough
im satisfied Enough ;
you choose others, and gave me up
please remember this, give the girl a happy life
don't like US

Let's end with this image, ciaoooooooo

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